Justin Goldsby – The Man Who Murdered Miles Donelson Munger

Justin Goldsby is a man with a long criminal history. He has been convicted of several rape and sex crimes and has spent time in jail. His was also in foster care for years before he was arrested for murdering Munger. He was found guilty of the murder of Munger in December 2019. During the sentencing process, he apologized to Munger’s family. He is now incarcerated at Airway Heights Prison in Washington.

Goldsby’s Military Service

Justin Goldsby was a Confederate army officer. He served during the War Between the States. He was the commander of the Third Mississippi Infantry Regiment. His career spanned from 1861 to 1864. In 1864, Goldsby was awarded the Purple Heart for his services in the Confederate Army.

Justin Goldsby military service was a tough one, and also his experiences as a Confederate soldier made him a hero to many people. He fought alongside a number of Union and Confederate soldiers. His experience gave him the courage to face danger and also defeat. He fought in the army to protect his country. He served at the Fort Donelson.


The Confederate army could have had much more land to fight for. Specifically, it could have secured the agriculturally rich midstate region of Kentucky and the iron-rich western barrens between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. These would have been vital resources during a long war. Miles Donelson Goldsby, Jr. served in the Confederate army and was the director of the Confederate Army’s Southern Division.

Justin Goldsby letter to his wife explains his involvement in the war. He served with the Second Corps in Louisa County, where he saw several battles, including the Battle of Belmont. He served until 1862, when he was discharged due to physical disability.

The mother of Miles Donelson Goldsby was an addict, and she abused her son during his childhood. Justin Goldsby was placed in ten foster homes during his childhood, and at one point, he was separated from his mother. He was eventually adopted, but after he was released from a foster home, he reunited with his mother and began to use drugs. These drug habits later contributed to his criminal history. In a criminal case, he stole a police patrol car and rammed it into a police officer. Goldsby was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and he was ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family.

Car Hijacking

The men involved in the car hijacking were in jail, and Goldsby crashed his car into a state trooper. The two men who drove the car were arrested, and prison officials are now conducting an administrative investigation and working with the courts to identify the perpetrators. The case has sparked debate in the prison system, and calls have been made for an investigation into prison policies. The Washington Department of Corrections said that the two men were cellmates in Airway Heights Correctional Center. Goldsby denied knowing Munger prior to the incident.

Long History of Criminality

Goldsby’s mother was a substance addict, and he has a long history of criminality. He has committed over twenty violent crimes and has spent years in prison. He will be transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Center in June. His family says that he did not mean to hurt Munger and did not mean to do it.

The case is becoming more personal, and it is not only Goldsby’s brother that is under investigation. Goldsby’s crime history includes raping women and assaulting a prison guard. He was also convicted of sexual assault and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The state prosecutor presented photos of Goldsby attacking Munger, who died from his injuries.

Drug-Addicted Mother

Justin Goldsby grew up with a drug-addicted mother and was placed in foster care. His relationship with his foster mother was rocky, and he was accused of raping another child and stabbing another girl. The reporter then investigated his violent relationship with his foster mother, and she learned that Goldsby had a history of violence. In 2017, he had been serving a prison sentence for stealing a state trooper’s car and injuring the officer.

Goldsby’s mother had an ongoing drug addiction, and he spent years in foster care. Goldsby was eventually adopted by a family. However, after he was adopted, Goldsby’s mother reconnected with him and began using drugs. This lead to him being arrested for drug offenses and transferred to Airway Heights prison.

Final Words:

Miles Donelson Goldsby’s arrest is an enormous blow to the Goldsby family. His violent behavior and long criminal history makes Goldsby a dangerous threat to society.

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