The Criminal History of Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby has a rocky history as a criminal. Born to a drug addict mother, he spent years in foster care as a child. Later, he turned into a serious drug user and raped and stabbed another child. He was found guilty and sentenced to more than 25 years in prison. He is now serving his time at Airway Heights state prison in Washington state.

Bit Shady

Justin Goldsby’s criminal history is a bit shady. As a child, Goldsby was abused by his drug-addicted mother. He was placed in ten different foster homes before he was adopted. After reuniting with his mother, he started to use drugs and was arrested several times.

In 2011, Goldsby robbed a bank in Oregon. He demanded money and brandished a gun when the teller did not have the cash. Goldsby later fled in his getaway car. The woman who was robbed was not injured in the incident. In 2013, Goldsby also tried to kidnap a woman in Los Angeles. Two men pursued him, but he managed to escape. In 2015, he was convicted of attempted kidnapping and burglary. In addition, he has been convicted of robbery in connection with his robbery in 2011.

History of Child Abuse & Rape

Goldsby has a history of child abuse and rape. His younger sister was murdered in 2006, and the case was caught on video. Following his conviction, Goldsby reconnected with his mother and began using drugs. He was then transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington. In addition to a history of violent crimes, Goldsby’s latest conviction was for drug use.

Justin Goldsby was born to a drug addict and was placed in ten different foster homes before being adopted. As a teenager, he began to use drugs and was arrested. When he was 19, he was reunited with his biological mother. After years of being away from his family, he stabbed someone and raped another boy. He was later convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. He apologized to the family of the victims and was placed into the Airway Heights Correctional Center.

Rape Convictions

In addition to his rape convictions, Justin Goldsby had an extensive criminal history. He was also accused of stabbing another child. In prison, he reunited with his biological mother, but continued to abuse drugs. At the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Spokane County, Washington, he met Michael Munger. During their time together, he began abusing Munger. After his conviction, Goldsby apologized to the Munger family for his crimes.

As a child, Goldsby was raised by a drug addict and spent years in foster care. He was later adopted by a family. When he was a teenager, he was reunited with his biological mother, but he later became a drug addict himself.

Foster Homes

Justin Goldsby has a long criminal history that includes rape and child abuse. He was born into a dysfunctional family and spent his childhood in foster homes. He later reconnected with his biological mother and began using drugs. The drug use contributed to his crimes. Goldsby is now serving a 25-year prison term after pleading guilty to stealing a police car and ramming it into a patrol car. Goldsby has also been ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family.

Goldsby’s history of abuse begins during his childhood, when his mother was an alcoholic. He was placed in 10 foster homes, and his mother reconnected with him when he was 22. When he was 22, he was arrested for drug offenses. His drug use continued while in foster care, and his crimes were linked to his drug use. Goldsby has since apologized for his actions and was transferred to a new prison in Airway Heights.

During the trial, Goldsby admitted to the crimes, saying he never intended to kill Munger. However, he argued that he didn’t know Munger before the car ride. However, police are still investigating the motives for the crimes.

Long History of Crime

Justin Goldsby has been sentenced to over three years in prison for the murder of his younger sister. He has a long history of crime and has committed over twenty violent crimes. His family has said that he didn’t mean to hurt Munger, but his crimes have led to his conviction. He has also been convicted of rape and sexual assault. He will transfer to the Airway Heights Correctional Center in June.

The incident in question has sparked a public discussion about prison policies. Corrections officials have said that it’s against department policy to keep prisoners in cells with one another. The prison policy states that prisoners are not to share a cell with anyone because it can create conflict between potential aggressors and victims, and can negatively affect prison operations. However, Goldsby has claimed that the policy is unfair and that the case is a set-up.


Goldsby’s past is complex, and he had a history of drug abuse. He was taken into foster care at an early age and abused by his mother. He lived in 10 different foster homes before being adopted. Eventually, he reconnected with his biological mother, but continued using drugs. As a result, many of the crimes he committed are connected to his drug use. However, he was convicted of the murder of Munger in December 2018. After his conviction, he apologized to the victim’s family, and he was transferred to state prison.

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