Carrollton Weather: Is Carrollton a Good Place to Live?

If you’re looking for a guide to what the weather is like in the Carrollton Weather area, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a range of information including average dew point, rainfall, temperature and hourly wind speeds. These are just a few of the factors that can influence your experience in the city.

Chilly & Breezy

Average daily high and low temperatures for Carrollton Weather are moderately chilly and breezy. However, rainy weather is common throughout the year. The average annual rainfall is 52 inches.

July is the driest month in the Carrollton area. In fact, it has the lowest precipitation rate. Only 1.9 inches of precipitation falls in this month.

Twelve Northeast States

During June, the average temperature for all twelve Northeast states was nearly normal. Temperatures climbed above average in the southeast and south. The warmest day was 105 degrees F in Denver, Colorado.

Highest Count of 90 Degree

June also had several days with highs in the 90s. Columbia, SC and Aiken, SC tied for the highest count of 90 degree F days.

The average hourly wind speed in Carrollton, Georgia is a relative modest 3.3 mph. There are occasional gusts of wind, usually in the afternoon, but these are few and far between. Most of the time, temperatures hover around the mid-sixties with highs in the low eighties. Lows, on the other hand, are a tad warmer. Fortunately, the humidity is low enough to keep the air conditioned, even on the hottest of days. The coldest day of the year is typically on or near Christmas Eve, making it a wonderful holiday weekend.

Area Surrounding Carrollton

The average rainfall in Carrollton Weather, Georgia is 52 inches per year. Although this figure does not include snowfall, it is important to note that the area surrounding Carrollton is covered with cropland, which means that the area is less vulnerable to the elements than other areas of Georgia.

The average temperature in Carrollton Weather, Georgia is 20.2 degC, and the average dew point is 6.4 degC. These averages are calculated using data from the MERRA-2 project, which used a climate model to estimate weather conditions at every point on Earth.

Gulf of Mexico

Carrollton is a coastal town located in the Gulf of Mexico. Weather in Carrollton, Georgia is characterized by seasonal changes. The climate in Carrollton is classified as Cfa by Koppen-Geiger system.

May and June

Rainfall in Carrollton, Georgia is significant. On average, there are about 75 days with rain. Most precipitation occurs in May and June.

Wind speed in Carrollton, Georgia varies significantly during the year. During the colder months, wind speeds are generally mild and light. However, during the warmer summer months, wind speeds can be strong and gusty.

Temperature in Carrollton, Georgia varies widely during the year. Typical temperatures in Carrollton range from 38 degrees F to 96 degrees F. Highs during the summer can be above 95 degrees F. In the winter, temperatures can be below 30 degrees F.

Warm & Humid

Carrollton, GA, US has a climate that is warm and humid. There are several months of the year in which it feels like the air is thick with smog. The average temperature in Carrollton, GA, US is 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Carrollton, GA, US is a relatively safe place to live and vacation. It does not have any travel warnings.

In the wet season, which lasts from May through July, the city averages a rainy number of 74.8 days per year. The largest rainy day of the year is May 15, which has a 36% chance of precipitation.


If you are interested in hot-weather activities in Carllton, the best time to visit is from mid-September to late October. These months are a bit drier and cooler, but still humid. You can expect average temperatures to hover around 38degF to 96degF.

While the weather can change very rapidly, it typically falls within a narrow window. The highest chance of rain occurs during early and mid-January. The lowest chance of precipitation is in the middle of April.

In Carrollton, winters are cold, with an average high temperature of 59degF. Throughout the year, the drier part of the year begins in October, and the warmer part lasts through June.

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