A Review of Sddfcu Credit Union

Sddfcu is a credit union that offers a wide range of financial services. Their products include personal and business checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, and investments. They also offer a loyalty program called Cash Back that rewards members with 0.5 percent of their average yearly deposit and loan balances.

The company is located in Dearborn, Michigan.

Great Financial Institution

Sddfcu is a great financial institution that offers a lot of helpful features. From competitive interest rates to convenient online banking options, it’s a good choice for anyone looking to manage their finances.

Sddfcu is a credit union, which means that it’s not-for-profit and owned by its members. This allows them to offer lower fees and rates on savings accounts and loans.

DFCU’s Online Banking System

DFCU’s online banking system is chock full of features and services. Find your nearest branch, check balances, make payments, deposit checks and more.

There are even mobile apps to help you manage your account on the go. The DFCU app boasts the most secure and reliable online banking system in the state. It’s available in both the Apple app store and Google Play.

Transferring Funds & Paying Bills

The DFCU mobile app lets you access your accounts anytime, anywhere. This includes checking balances, making deposits, transferring funds and paying bills.

This slick app also boasts some other cool features like a money management tool, transaction alerts and eDocuments. It even lets you use your smartphone to transfer money to friends and family for free.

Checking Accounts

There are a variety of checking accounts that can meet your financial needs. Some offer perks, like free checks or overdraft protection, while others waive monthly fees.

You’ll also want to consider whether the account offers a free safe deposit box and out-of-network ATMs. Choosing the right checking account can be easy with a little research.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts offer a safe place to stash money you don’t plan on using immediately. They’re also often used as an emergency fund.

These federally insured places to store cash are easy to access and earn interest. They’re also a good way to build your savings over time.


Sddfcu offers a variety of loans to meet the needs of its members. These include mortgages, auto and home loans, and business financing.

Sddfcu also offers a share-secured loan designed to help borrowers with low credit scores build up their credit history. Once a borrower makes regular on-time payments, their credit score may improve.


Sddfcu members can enjoy a number of investment options, from high-interest savings accounts to low-risk bonds. It also offers a slew of financial tools and services, such as a robust mobile app, to make managing your accounts easy.

The best way to tell which credit union you belong to is to check out their website and talk to a member representative.

Business Accounts

Business accounts give you a simple way to manage your business finances separately from your personal money. Having separate accounts can prevent business funds from bleeding into your personal account and help you stay on top of your cash flow.

Some business checking accounts also come with a line of credit that you can tap if your company experiences a cash shortage. Others offer business credit cards, which let you charge purchases and pay them off when cash is available.

Credit Cards

Sddfcu offers a range of credit cards with competitive interest rates and minimal fees. This is a great choice for those looking to build or rebuild their credit.

The Sddfcu Savings Secured Visa Platinum Card is one of the best secured credit cards around with very low fees and a decent rewards program. It is also an excellent option for those traveling abroad as it doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.


Sddfcu offers a variety of mortgages for members, including a number of first-time homebuyer options. It also offers super-conforming and jumbo loans, as well as vacation home and second-home mortgages.

Final Words:

Its mortgages are a bit more expensive than their competitors, but it still has a lot to offer borrowers of all financial capabilities. From online tools to helpful calculators, Sddfcu is here to help.

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